June 28, 2010

A dreary Monday..

Today you could hardly see the mountains and yesterday you couldn't see them at all. There's a blanket of fog on everything.

On a more positive note, my mom sent me a new Fossil purse and matching wallet. Very much appreciated! Oh, and my school supplies from Kurtz Bros. are en route to Alaska! I've been dreaming of putting in a real KB order for years :)

We went to Denali National Park last week. It's exactly 4 hours north of Eagle River. I was kind chilly in this picture, which is probably why I'm making a weird face. It was 4 hours on the drive up, 8 hours on a tour bus, and 4 hours on the way back. I dressed for comfort!

Two moose got into a fight in 2003. Their antlers locked and they died that way. That's what this picture is about. Apparently this set of locked antlers is pretty famous and they decided to move it from the wilderness of the park to one of the visitor centers.
A couple of landscape pictures.

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