May 23, 2010

Battalion Ball

This past Thursday was the 425th BSTB Battalion Ball. I've discovered that you have to know what you're talking about here concerning the military, because it has a language all of it's own. It's kind of strange how it's becoming so common in my everyday life. Like I said, I never saw myself doing this. I thought for awhile that I would need a chart, and I actually contemplated designing a flow chart for myself, just so I could easily explain it to those who asked, but I think I've got it all in my head now.
We are part of the Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB) at Ft. Richardson, AK. Let's just leave it at that for now. I'm very slowly getting to know people and understand where they fit into the framework of the Army. Going to the ball was definitely an Army learning experience! But anyway, here's a few pictures from the ball. Justine, my brother Denny's girlfriend, took most of these for us on our porch/balcony.

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  1. What an attractive couple! :) I have had a similar learning experience with the State Police... getting to know who's who... learning the language... all of that fun stuff. :) I'm still learning, and I don't know if I'll ever understand it all. By now, I'm sure you know more than you'd ever hoped or cared to have learned. :)


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